(all recordings available via links in titles of works)

Recordings as singer

Deux Romances by Claude Debussy (1862-1918), for voice and piano (William Peacock [tenor] and Anna Carr [piano])

Die Forelle by Franz Schubert (1797-1828), for voice and piano (William Peacock [tenor] and Anna Carr [piano])

Du bist wie eine Blume by William Peacock (1996-), for high voice and piano (William Peacock [tenor] and Julian Bryson [piano]).

Fire and Ice (world premiere) by Ethan Hobson (1998-), for countertenor and piano (William Peacock [countertenor] and Ethan Hobson [piano]).

Sleep from Five Elizabethan Songs by Ivor Gurney (1890-1937), for voice and piano (William Peacock [tenor] and Anna Carr [piano])

Where'er You Walk from Semele by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), for tenor with keyboard reduction (William Peacock [tenor] and Anna Carr [piano])

Recordings as composer

Allergies Not So Bad for solo soprano, with poetry by Yoanabel (& Norma) from the book You Will Be Able To Say A Thousand Words. Premiered by contemporary vocalist Stephanie Lamprea as a part of her Tiny Works Quarantine Series.  Available for purchase via Stephanie's bandcamp here.

Alone for high voice and piano (Natalie Barnaby [mezzo-soprano], Daniel Collins [piano]).

  1. From childhood's hour
  2. Then in my childhood
  3. From the lightning

Hey, I'm outside, a chamber opera in three scenes for tenor and piano (Sam de Soto [tenor] and Luc Cianfarani [piano]).

Repeated Friction for string quartet. Premiered by the Mivos Quartet as part of their Boston University Center for New Music residency.

Six Still Lifes for solo piano. A six movement suite modeled after six still life artworks. Premiered by Jeffray Tsai.

  1. Dishes and Fruit by Matisse
  2. Flowers by Redon
  3. Still life with lamp by Picasso
  4. Still life with Silver Pitcher by Lichtenstein
  5. Oriental Poppies by O'keeffe
  6. Holy Sphynx by Lackie

The Voice of The Masses for solo piano. A four movement "narrative sonata" for piano about a possible revolution in the United States following the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Premiered by Jeffray Tsai. (two movements excerpted)

  1. The Inauguration (featured in recording)
  2. The Reaction of the People (not featured)
  3. Observing and Plotting (not featured)
  4. Assassination and Insurrection (featured in recording)

things that shine in the night for SMA chorus and piano (Boston University Treble Chorus, Bradford Dumont [conductor] and Regan Siglin [piano]).

Trumped: A Song Cycle in 10 Tweets for tenor and piano (Sam deSoto [tenor] and Konstantinos Papadakis [piano]).

Two Atmospheres for Chamber Orchestra

  1. shock and shimmer
  2. dark and morose 

(Boston University Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Bramwell Tovey).

Westron Wynde for SSAA quartet (or choir) [Boston University Singers]

With a Little Help from my Friends, a songbook for various solo voices and solo piano.

Premiered by Dylan Gregg (bass-baritone), Natalee Lowe (soprano), Kathleen Reeve (mezzo-soprano), Taylor House (soprano), Sam de Soto (tenor), Jessica Graves (soprano), Olivia Ericsson (mezzo-soprano), Shanice Aquino (soprano), Natalie Barnaby (mezzo-soprano), and Anna Carr (piano).